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Politics & Environment. Bushfires are part of nature in Australia. For the Indigenous peoples of Australia, fires have been used for years to control the subsequent vegetation according to the needs of supply. But these fires have nothing to do with the normal natural environment of the Aboriginal people.

Australia is the driest continent in the world and bushfires belong to it.  However, many regions suffered from extreme drought due to a too warm winter and too little rainfall. In addition, the high temperatures and strong dry winds have created perfect conditions for bushfires. These facts have also been confirmed by the Australian Weather Service and by the diplomat and Professor Ross Garnaut, the hot temperatures and drought have led to a successively increasing risk of fires and a longer fire season for decades. In addition, his report, commissioned by the former government, stated that this effect could be observed by 2020 at the latest. In April last year, firefighters had also tried to talk to the current government about the possible consequences of the warm and dry autumn, as well as the dry forecasts for winter and its consequences for the bushfires. However, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused and did not agree to a meeting. Moreover, the Head of Government and his Deputy Minister did not want to admit a link between the bushfires and climate change. What’s more, the Vice Minister called those who make a connection to climate change „urban maniacs gone wild“ and „invention of crazy leftists.“ That‘s why around 20,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Sydney on Friday, January 11. With the slogan „ScoMo must go!“ Ranbir, a graphic designer from Sydney, positioned himself against the government. „The government isn‘t interested in how people are doing. The fires have been so bad here!“ he added.

But it was not only in Sydney that there were demonstrations, also in Germany climate activists gathered in front of the Australian embassy in Berlin and showed solidarity with the Australian citizens. Because not only the denial of the climate crisis of ScoMos political view is regarded as critical, but also the mining project in Australia, which  the Siemens Group holds on to, gave an occasion to take to the streets throughout Germany.                             

:Abena Appiah


One billion animals could be impacted by the fires and Environment Minister Sussan Ley told AM that 30 percent of the koala population is believed to have been killed.

At least 27 people have been killed in the fires.

Twenty-four people have beern charged with deliberatly setting bushfires.

134 fires were registered in New South Wales

The size of the area burned by Australia‘s wildfire is the eqivalent of  Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria together.

Hottest month of the year February is yet to come.                                 




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