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Event. In the mood for a Europe-themed event full of food, music, games and more? Then the European Evening might be right for you.

On Wednesday, 13th of November, the Akademisches Förderungswerk (Akafö) and the International Office (IO) along with ESN Bochum turn the Mensa of the Ruhr-Universität into a celebration of Europe. In the Mensa Bistro, the European Evening will begin at 6pm and last until approximately 10pm. The event includes a variety of activities. For lovers of food and drinks, there will be a European all-you-can-eat buffet as well as beer for one Euro. In addition, there will be a mixture of music, dances, games, as well as a photobooth and more. For example, students can participate in workshops for traditional Greek, Bavarian and Irish dances or listen to French and Scottish live music. Guests can also join in a European quiz and win prices.

There have been many International Evenings at the RUB before, some focussing on specific regions or continents like the African evening, while others were simply celebtrating internationality in general. This time, the International Evening focusses on Europe – in keeping with the year of European Elections and to present and celebrate this diversity” as it is stated in the event description. Marius Houben from the Akafö explains: „We want to promote the European idea. Open borders and the collective of different cultures living peacefully together is something we think should be celebrated.”
European diversity is not only visible throughout the continent but also at the university. More than 800 million people live in Europe, more than 3,000 of them from over 30 different countries study at RUB. They „contribute to making the RUB a diverse and colourful place for learning and research’’, it says in the event description.

If you are interested, you can buy tickets in advance at the International Office and online at Tickets cost 5 euros or 4 euros for ESNcard holders.          

:Charleena Schweda


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