Bild: What it feels like to “live” Bochum Total

:bsz International. Bochum Total from a resident’s perspective and the reason you should ensure that your gate is closed.

Last week the well-known street festival Bochum Total took place. A summer highlight for all citizens and fans from all around. But for residents it’s sometimes an ordeal.

I am living in Bochum for three 

years, since 2016 in the Bermuda3Eck. Before I moved there, Bochum Total was something special for me, something to look forward to. Now I only expect to end quickly. It’s definitely nice to visit such a festival for some time, but after several hours of listening to the music of a rock band while the nearest pub blasts supposedly Spanish music can make you sick of all the hustle. As a festival which has no entry fee, it is to be expected to be full – very full. I am filled with joy, whenever I need to make a trip to the nearest Rewe, which normally takes one minute. Now I need at least 10 to 15 minutes for the walk through drunkards and girls who screech without an obvious reason. Maybe they want to express themselves? There still is the ban on glass over these four days, which literally means that I must stock up on things filled in glass before the festival starts. This is a rather small aspect which does not affect me much. Still, it is a downer when your Nutella-glass is empty and you know you have to wait until you can buy a new one.


The one thing which agitated me the most were the cameras. I can relate to the reason for their installation, regarding past events and the current fear of terror. But it still bugs me to know that every time I step out of my door I will be watched by unknown eyes, even if it is for safety reasons. It feels like Orwell’s reality is getting closer. 

There are some points which make me ask myself every year why I still live in the area where Bochum Total is staged. But suffering four days a year is a little price to pay for living in the Bermuda3Eck. And it is still fun, at least for some hours. And do not forget to close your gates, there are more than enough drunkards out there who want to take a leak in your entryway.

:Gianluca Cultraro



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