Bild: A real Fox: Christian Fuchs was actively tweeting the championships on Twitter – #nofuchsgiven., Unexpected Victory: Leicester City Football Club Won Premier League Title Quelle: Twitter, @FuchsOfficial

It has been one of the most surprising stories in Premier League’s history since England’s ultimate football championship was founded in 1992: Leicester City, the Foxes, won the Championship after Chelsea played a 2-2 draw against Leicester’s most persistent persecutor Tottenham Hotspurs. Right in the middle of it and leading on Twitter: Christian Fuchs, former left full-back of Schalke 04 and VfL Bochum. 

No, England’s Elite Football League is not stingy with superlatives: It boasts a three billion pound Pay-TV-contract for its 20 teams – per year. The most expensive season ticket with £2,013 (Arsenal London) and a total Clubs Wage Bill of £1867.8m (2,36 Billion Euros). But fortunately, since last week, it also has an underdog champion with an average club squad in comparison to the Big Four (Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal London and Chelsea London) which divided 22 out of 23 championships amongst themselves – with the exception of 1995’s Premier League Champion Blackburn Rovers. 

#nofuchsgiven – a title for romantics 

For the first time in club history, the Foxes lift the Premier League Trophy after a 3-1 victoragainst Everton. They are a team of average players with a partly dubious past: Star striker Jamie Vardy, 27, the head of the team and with 24 goals second place  on the Scoring Charts, has played most of his life – until the age of 25 – unnoticed in non-professional leagues. Before that, he has laboured as a factory worker and also had to wear an ankle bracelet due to a bar fight. His is a typical heroic tale of everlasting talents. And right in the thick of it: Christian Fuchs, a solid left full-back, who has moved from Schalke 04 to the Foxes before the start of the season and now became a celebrated star – not only on the pitch, but also on Twitter: #nofuchsgiven was retweeted over 220.000 times. 
For the whole league, this surprising triumph is a turning point. 
:Tim Schwermer



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