Bild: The chinese garden: A gift from Tongji University. , 20 years ofChinese-German Cooperation Bild: Jan Turek

:BSZ international. The Chinese-German University College (CDHK) celebrated its 20th anniversary in Berlin on 14 May. Representatives of the RUB were also present.

Even though the Chinese Garden in the Botanical Garden of the Ruhr-University is well known, people often don’t know that it was a gift from the Chinese Tongji University of Shanghai. Back in 1990, when the Ruhr-University celebrated both its 25th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of its partnership with Tongji University, the Chinese university donated the garden. Thereby Tongji expressed its gratitude to its German partner university, which has strongly supported Tongji during its crucial years of development.

As of now, RUB and Tongji University have been cooperating for more than 35 years. RUB was the first partner university of Tongji abroad in 1980; Tongji in turn is one of the oldest partners of the Ruhr- University.

Joint Projects

The promotion of language teaching has always been of particular importance. That’s why the language department of the German Academic Exchange Service (DaF) has been very active in the education and further training of the DaF teaching staff at the Tongji University German College. Furthermore, it has become a partner in the expansion of the Center for Study Preparation, which aims to optimize study preparation in China as well as study guidance for Chinese students in Germany.

A key pillar of the partnership is the CDHK, an institute of Tongji which celebrated its 20th anniversary this month and which organizes courses in German with the active participation of the Ruhr-University. 

Students also benefit greatly from the cooperation of the two universities. For example, they can take part in the diverse exchange opportunities with Tongji University and the CDHK, several of which offer the possibility of a double degree. 

In addition, through guest visits by scientists from the Tongji and the CDHK, students can also attend international courses at the RUB campus and gain insight into new and differing research.

China’s Ambassador of Germany, Shi Mingde, said the College has achieved great succee with its cooperation partners. It is a model of Sino-German cooperation in education and a bridge for cooperation between the two countries.           

             :Helena Patané


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