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Rezension. Das Hip-Hop Projekt um den 41-jährigen britischen Rapper und Produzenten Mike Skinner meldet sich mit dem ersten Album seit über neun Jahren zurück!

European Culture
Bars, Bars, Bars – Rappt es aus der EU Bild:kiki

Hip-Hop. Von DDR-Hip-Hop bis zu heutigem Grime oder doch FrankoRap: Europas Hip-Hop Kultur war und ist vielfältig. Unterschiedlichste Kulturen versammeln sich unter dem Deckmantel Rap.

Welcome to the 21st century!
Derry Bild: leda

Opinion. Northern Ireland finally lifts its ancient abortion ban and legalises same-sex marriage. A positive outcome that reveals a troublesome background.

Brexit and what it means for students abroad
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Europe. On the 29th of March 2019 the UK was supposed to leave the EU, but the deadline has been postponed – leaving the situation uncertain. We have collected the major possible changes for international students and talked to Benjamin Sluckin about Brexit.

Kommentar: Debate over tuition fees in Germany renewed

In recent weeks, the debate about reintroducing tuition fees in German third level education has flared up again. In Baden-Württemberg, science minister Theresia Bauer envisions a 3.000 Euro annual fee for foreign students. The Liberals introduced a proposal whereby students should pay their tuition fees after graduation. Superficially, the second proposal seems fair. 

:bsz-International: Post-Brexit vote: UK government faces unprecedented challenges

Since the referendum on EU membership on June 23, the UK government has not undertaken any significant steps towards an exit from the Common Market. This is unsettling for the economy and the country as a whole. Prime Minister Theresa May hesitates to take steps towards the Brexit due to unique and unprecedented challenges.