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Think about your ecological footprint
Get active. How much CO2 are you saving this year? Foto: tims

People use apps for all kinds of things in daily life. But have you ever used your smartphone or tablet for being part of a global social movement whose concerns might have a positive impact on climate change? There are apps to help you strengthen the awareness for this challenge. Think global, act local!

Connections to the Nazi past.

Usually, May 1 is linked with the political left and the struggle of workers to achieve the eight-hour day. In Germany, however, this date has an ambivalent character: It also has a historical connection to the Nazi past.

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Studying abroad has become a lot easier today. Still, it can be quite scary and confusing to move to a foreign country, especially if you haven’t quite mastered the language yet. Since English is often considered lingua franca in the academic setting, our editorial team thought it appropriate to use in order to reach everyone at the RUB and welcome them (back) for a new semester.