I like big books and I cannot lieeee
‘‘Little Women’’: Originally from the late 19th century and newly adapted in 2019, but its original charm remains. Bild: leda

REVIEW. A book, beloved by generations. Several film adaptations, the last one from late 2019. Four girls turning into women and taking you with them.

Mental Health, Sexuality, Self-Love – and Music
A mixture of collaborations and brutal honesty: Halsey reflects on herself and her life in ‘‘Manic’’. Picture: leda

Review. The US-American singer and songwriter Halsey opens up in her third album ‘‘Manic’’ – and shows honest lyrics and great musical collaborations.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers?
Timothée Chalamet as Henry V: “The King” is based on Shakespeare’s trilogy about the English king. Bild: leda

Review. Netflix releases a new movie that covers the plot of three Shakespeare plays — with a new interpretation of the works?