How to Stay Fit in Winter

Season changes are never easy as you still remember the long and hot days of summer. The idea of white cold snow suddenly seems terrifying. The darkness outside isn’t too helpful either. You have no motivation to leave your nice and cozy bed. Wake up! Even winter can be fun. Together with your friends or family you can try out some winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and even sledding. So take advantage of the “most wonderful time of the year“, it won’t last forever. If you stay in Bochum for X-mas like me, you better hurry up: fun winter activities involving snow have an expiry date – Spring! In most cases even sooner, the snow melts away along with our chance to enjoy it. But even though you look outside your window and all you can see are gray streets instead of beautiful white postcard views, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of activities that you can do without any snow involved.
There is no snow but it is still freezing Siberia here. How to keep yourself warm without staying next to the chimney the whole winter season? Here are some ideas. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your warm clothes, a cap, gloves and a scarf. Fashion or not, you don’t want to spend the whole winter with a running nose and pounding headache. Trust me, been there, done that! No fun at all. Especially when all your friends have fun without you and you‘re stuck home with only one source of information – facebook. Sounds pathetic, don’t you think? So better listen to your grandma’s advice who always told you… remember to wear tights/long johns! And enjoy what the winter has to offer.
During summer, you spend most of the time outside enjoying the sun. Unlike in winter when you rather stay inside trying to escape the cold. So why not try courses such as cooking or dance lessons? You‘ll be inside, stay warm and you‘ll be learning something new that you might take use of in the future; for example, at a barbeque during summer.
Also, as a great American scientist discovered, one metabolizes more calories during winter as the body has to be kept warm and healthy. That’s why people eat more in the coldest season of the year. So while you sit wrapped up in a bunch of warm blankets just few meters away from the fridge: try not to eat up all your winter reserves. To maintain your smooth body line until next summer don’t forget to exercise. You can even do it at home or in the course of a quick trip to the nearest gym. Plus, there are plenty online courses that guide you through different techniques to stay fit during long winter evenings. For example, the AOK health care insurance company offers a wide range of courses from fitness to nutrition, even courses that help you quit smoking. The necessary information is available on their homepage. Members of AOK enjoy exclusive perks, as they can attend all the courses for free.
On the other hand, staying at home may be a great opportunity to catch up with reading or scrapbooking. Or just enjoying your time with your beloved ones. Remember, it’s the last holiday before exam time, so make sure you use it wisely. Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.