This is a message from the :bsz editorial staff:

Dear Mister President,

We know you don’t like the liberal press but we are different. We are the oldest and most popular German student newspaper – everyone who says anything else is fake-news. We are governed by the Konsensprinzip“: if someone doesn’t like what someone else wants to do, they can veto it – it’s true, it’s great – it takes forever but it’s great. Like you, we love receiving fan post, but we don’t print them – very sad. We however print guest articles and pay for them – totally crazy. We talk to many very important people and instead of asking them about their policies, we ask them about food – it‘s true.  We build – the greatest walls (of text) and make the students pay for it.

We totally understand it’s going to be “America first!“ and we are not a country but can we just say “:bsz second“?

Best wishes – we have the best wishes,    


More than 24 countries and one student newspaper contributed – Who is next? Every second counts.