:bszank - Die Glosse

Britain’s Brexit-Boris breaks through! Since the 24th of July, Boris Johnson is the new prime minister of the United Kingdom. But better be prepared because bad boy Boris has already used his new position to push his Brexit-agenda forward. And he is awkwardly armed with a horrendous, horrible haircut that really reminds me of someone specific, but I cannot pinpoint it. Maybe some scary, scandalous super-villain… oh, I remember! It’s Donald Trump’s terrible trademark hair! Well, this is not weirdly worrisome at all.
Anyhow congratulations… I guess? At least from some conservatives. The rest of us can clichedly cry in a corner because it’s looking worse and worse for a European-friendly Brexit-deal. Except for bad-hair Boris who’s probably having the best week ever. And at least everyone else has Boris to blame for whatever disastrous debacle is going to happen
during Brexit.