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People use apps for all kinds of things in daily life. But have you ever used your smartphone or tablet for being part of a global social movement whose concerns might have a positive impact on climate change? There are apps to help you strengthen the awareness for this challenge. Think global, act local!

Climate change is real! Yet, there are still a few people – for example U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (Republicans) – who try to convince the world of the contrary. But since the heads of state and governments, NGOs, activists and common people have formulated a new binding climate agreement on the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris, a majority is aware of this global problem. But how can students in daily life take responsibility and change their own future for the better? 

Ask SIRI or Google or wipe directly to your trusted app store. Here are three free applications which call your personal attention to climate change. For sure.

1. COP21 – Changers

There are a lot of apps concerning the COP21, but by using Changers, one could try to live CO2-free on a daily basis. Focusing on mobility, every step gets recorded via GPS – no matter if he is using the bike, the car, the airplane, the train or the own feet. The app calculates the CO2 savings in kilogram. By formulating own climate challenges, the user is part of a game in a global community. Fun is guaranteed. For Android and IOS.

2. Images of Change – NASA

Seeing is believing. NASA’s app Images of Change focuses on the most striking examples of a changing environment all over the world. A collection of side by side photographs highlights its fundamental changes. Melting glaciers, the expansion of agriculture, urban growth, shrinking lakes, disappearing rainforests and expanding deserts. This app is part of NASA’s global climate change website. Only for IOS.

3. #climate – ClimateX

Start your own environmental movement. #climate informs the user about actions from leading non-profits. Choosing between different topics such as clean energy, urban sustainability, big oil and coal, corporate citizenship, protecting the oceans or forest conservation – #climate provides the user with a wide range of information about environmental activities. For Android and IOS.


:Tim Schwermer


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